Luno Digital Photo Printing Services

Luno Digital Photo Printing Services

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Due to technical reasons, photo printing is temporarily available only for photographs taken in our photo studio.

In line with modern digital technologies, we offer our customers to keep their photos in any available formats, starting from basic JPEG format to HD quality films or digital publications specially made for tablets or mobile devices. But the digital world can’t always transmit all the warm feelings we get from watching a canvas hanging on a wall or from thumbing through the pages of a conventional Photo Book. We offer Luno Printing Studio’s services for those customers, who prefer to deal with Photo Art via the magic of traditional photo paper or canvas.

Combination of traditional photo art and modern digital technologies let us not only provide photo printing in excellent quality, but also make our services available and comfortable for all our customers.
Printing is only performed from digital media or online. Photo papers are available in all of the standard sizes, thickness and finishing coats (Glossy, Luster, Semi-glossy, Satin and Matt). We are also accepting orders of nonstandard size photo printing on photo paper and canvas. The maximum available printing size is 430x950mm.

Digital Photo Printing

By making order from our online store, you can send images using your account on our site and receive printed photo via delivery service. These are the requirements for the acceptable photos:

  • Images must be in one of these formats: JPEG, PNG, TIFF.
  • For the standard operation image must have: 300dpi resolution, RGB (sRGB, Adobe RGB) Color Model and 24bit color range. Mostly all modern photo cameras meet these requirements.
  • For high quality printing submitted image resolution must satisfy ordered print size. To get good quality prints please follow recommendations available in Standard Formats Table, where you can find minimum resolution for every offered size.
  • If size ratio of selected photo print and uploaded image doesn’t match, then our system will crop the image to match ordered photo print size ratio. To avoid this, it’s recommended to choose photo print with size ratio that matches images from your photo camera (3:4 or 2:3).
  • Maximum size of one image: 25 MB.
  • Maximum number of simultaneous file uploads: 50 images.

In order to meet all requirements of our customers, Luno Studio offers several photo paper types:

  • Eco – photo paper with Glossy or Matt finishing coats (density starting from 190 g/m2). It’s the most economical photo paper and perfect for your daily photo printing needs. It’s available only for small size photo prints (maximum size 14×21 cm). Printed photos on this paper type are very bright and with deep tones, multiple tints and color gradations. They are very competitive with more expensive paper types for the cases when there is no requirement for high mechanical resistance and longevity.
  • Plus – premium class photo paper with Glossy, Satin or Matt finishing coats (density: starting from 220 g/m2). This is our most common photo paper and it’s the best choice for high-taste and quality photo printing. Papers of this type are specially designed for amateur photographers to provide digital imaging of true photo quality comparable or exceeding conventional wet print analogous imaging. PLUS paper type is available in all sizes for color and black&white printing.
  • Pro – professional micro porous photo paper with Super Glossy, Satin or Luster finishing coats (density: starting from 240 g/m2). This option is perfect for professional photographers, photo exhibition organizers and to all those, who set strict quality claims for their photo prints. PRO paper type is available only for medium and large size prints (minimum size: 15×20 cm).

Despite of a type, every offered photo papers and inks go through special calibration process using very accurate spectrocolorimeter. As a result our available photo printing profiles provide printed photo’s accurate photo realistic reproduction.

Available photo paper sizes for Standard Digital Printing.

All presented photo paper formats are selected specially for non-cropped printing of photos from modern digital photo cameras. You only need to select the right size, which is corresponding to your camera’s image size ratio (3:4 or 2:3). Printed photo’s size can differ from selected size by ± 2mm. If option with white borders is selected, then printout will have 3mm wide white borders on all sides of photo. We are also accepting photo prints in custom paper sizes. In the case of custom paper size the printout price is calculated based on nearest bigger photo paper price.

Order compilation schedule depends on studio’s workload and order size. In average one order completed in one or two days.

Indoor Photo-Decor

Luno printing studio offers wide possibilities for indoor Photo decors: posters, collages, canvases. Photo decors can be made either from your own photos, images or decorations or from images and decorations available in our decorative photo catalog. To make your interior design exclusive we are also offering canvas modules which could be used as a standalone art decor objects or as a part of bigger collage.

Personalized Photobooks

From now on, there’s no need to search albums for your favorite photos. You can order our Photobook, by sending your images and an exclusive Photobook with your photos will be available for you and your beloved ones to enjoy the best moments of your life. Just imagine how happy you’ll make your friends and relatives by ordering a present Photobook for them. You can select the number of Photobook’s pages and size of photos in Photobook. Number of pages can be up to 50 pages, maximum size of images in Photobook is 28x41cm. Cover of Photobook can be hard or soft. Form and materials you can select from available offers, which is always being updated.

Personalized Photo-cards and Invitations

Are you bored from limited choices of photo cards that are available in stores and you want to create your own? Use this service to show your relatives and beloved ones how special they are. Our offered exclusive Greeting cards will include image and text by your choice. There are also available thematic versions (Birthday, Wedding, For Mother, For Sister, Declaration of Love, Wedding Proposal etc.), you only need to come up with text and image of your choice. Wide selection of sizes and shapes are available.

Luno photo printing services can be ordered from our website’s store or by visiting our studio.